The Snobear Advantage

Ultimate Mobility in all Conditions

Haybale Heights’ Snobear Advantage offers an unstoppable first-class ice fishing experience unlike any other. Chase the fish in comfort! Gone are the days of sitting in a house and waiting for the fish to come to you or spending your day on Devils Lake packing gear in order to move. The ability to move with the touch of a button to stay on the fish is not only convenient but comfortable as well.

It’s not uncommon for Devils Lake to dip into temperatures below -25 degrees during winter months with 20-30 mph winds. Often times, anglers find themselves fighting these conditions to stay on the fish by battling flimsy portables and spending more time preparing to fish than actually fishing.

The 70 degree controlled climate cab of the Snobear combined with its mobility and our knowledgeable local guides offer the ultimate ice fishing adventure. Staying on active fish plays a significant role in making the difference between a so-so day and a great day on the ice.

Walleyes, Perch, or Pike, Haybale Heights has the ability to target these fish with precision no matter what the conditions are using Snobear equipment. Your comfortable day on the ice comes complete with all bait, gear, and everything needed to ensure a successful experience.


Snobear Adventure Package

Includes Guide, Gear, Meals (Optional), Lodging, and Fish Cleaning


2 Days | 3 Nights
$600/person (2 or 3 people)

3 Days | 4 Nights
$900/person (2 or 3 people)

4 Days | 5 Nights

Day Trips

Includes Guide & Gear

Everything you need for a successful day of ice fishing on Devils Lake, North Dakota!

  • 8 hours of Fishing with a Licensed Guide in the comfort of a Snobear
  • Fishing Gear & Vexilar Equipment
  • All Live Bait
  • Heated Fish Cleaning Station Access

Daily Rates

2 People

3 People

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